Friday, 11 January 2008

Children's Literature Internet Sites

Another feature of our webpages is a list of good children's literature internet sites. I have added a couple of new ones this week:

Children's Books Online. This is the website for the Rosetta project, which describes itself as "the largest collection of illustrated antique books online...we think". You could lose yourself for hours reading these beautifully illustrated books, in categories from pre-reader to adult, some of which have audio files attached so that you can listen to the text too.

Spinebreakers. A teenage site from Penguin Books, this is for "story-surfing, web-exploring, word-loving, day-dreaming, readers/writers/thinkers aged 13-18". It features reviews, competitions, author interviews, alternate scenes and poems. It's contemporary and lively and actively encourages participation.

These two sites are a real contrast to each other, and this underlines one of the drawbacks to our list - it's long and undifferentiated. I'd like to split it up more into categories - the poetry page was a start - but haven't got very far. Watch this space!

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