Monday, 17 November 2008

Journals round-up

Time for a clear-out of articles that have been lurking in my in-tray for a while. All are available in Jordanhill Library, either in the journals themselves or in our cuttings file.


Macfarlane, T. (2008). Age ranging: a step forward? Speaking English, 41(2), pp. 16-19.


Walker, L. (2008, November 19). Skellig the opera prepares to soar. Herald, p. 16.
Cuttings file no 1189.


Calvert, R. (2008). Animals in children’s fiction. Use of English, 60(1), pp.17-46.


Foster, M. and Syme, S. (2008). An illustration of success. Information Scotland, 6(5), p. 13.
Cuttings file no 1184.
The Dundee Picture Book Award.

Guyon, A. (2008). Out of the shadows. . Information Scotland, 6(5), p. 10.
Cuttings file no 1185.
Getting children involved in reading by shadowing the Carnegie and Greenaway Medals.

DAHL, Roald

Day, E. (2008, November 9). My years with Roald, by the “love of his life”. Observer Review, pp. 10-11.
Cuttings file no 1187.
Interview with Dahl’s widow.


Agnew, K. (2008, October 7). Imaginary worlds where everyone is the same colour. Guardian Education, p. 5.
Cuttings file no 1183.
Why are there still so few attractive reading books featuring black and Asian children?

FUNKE, Cornelia.

Johnstone, A. (2008, November 1). “I learned what sort of stories stuck to children’s fingers”. Herald Magazine, pp. 19-23.


Morpurgo, M. (2008). From the horse’s mouth. Radio Times, 8-14 November, pp. 126-127.
Cuttings file no 1188.
Morpurgo has adapted War Horse for the stage and radio.


Frankel, H. (2008, October 3). Rhyme and reason. TES Magazine.
Cuttings file no 1182.
Taking poetry off the page and onto the stage.

Williams, B. (2008). Year 1 Poetry unit 1: pattern and rhyme. Child Education PLUS,85(12), pp. 26-27.


Awesome ambassador (2008). Reading Today, 26(2), p. 26.

WILLIS, Jeanne

Powell, C. (2008). Does size matter? Child Education PLUS, 85(12), pp. 24-25.
Using Mine’s bigger than yours to show small people can still be brave and achieve great things.

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