Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Nicola Morgan and aspiring writers

I've noticed that An awfully big blog adventure, as well as having links to individual authors, has a page marked For aspiring writers. This is a blog by Nicola Morgan which she introduces by saying: " I hope you are here because of a burning need to be published, a passion for reading and a desire and ability to connect with readers. I am here because, if you are a wonderful writer, I want you to be published, as avid readers grow from brilliant books and we all want avid readers."

Nicola writes fine books for teenagers herslf - check out our holdings - for example, Fleshmarket (Hodder, 2003). Set in 1820s Edinburgh, home of the notorious body-snatchers, Burke and Hare, the story opens with a woman undergoing surgery before any sense of pain control or hygiene had been introduced. The woman’s son cannot forget what happened and seeks his revenge. Morgan writes about the past again in The highwayman’s footsteps (Walker, 2006), but also writes about the future, e.g. Sleepwalking (Hodder, 2004) is set in a future world where every emotion is regulated and there is no pain, no suffering and no evil.

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