Friday, 11 September 2009

Children's literature round-up

I've sadly neglected children's books over the summer, so there's lots to catch up on. The new editions of Books for Keeps and Teen Titles have just arrived. The former has articles on Morris Gleitzman, Tony Ross and Andy Stanton amongst many other features, and the latter has interviews with Alex Nye, Linda Strachan, Patrick Ness and Derek Landy.

Sticking with information about authors, Saturday's Herald's arts and books supplements had a feature on Michael Morpurgo - you can find this in the Library's cuttings file. Books from currently has the first chapter of Lari Don's new book Wolf notes and other musical mishaps online for you to read. This is a follow up to First aid for fairies and other fabled beasts and picks up the story of young Helen and her remarkable affinity for healing magical beasts - but now a war is brewing against the evil Faery Queen. Lari lives and works as a storyteller in Leith. Books from Scotland has also added some new names to its author profiles, including Keith Gray, Linda Strachan and J K Rowling.

Finally, you can read Anne Fine's views on the gritty realism of modern children's books in the Times on 25th August and an interview with Tommy Donbavand on the National Literacy Trust website (you might know him better as B. Strange, author of the Too Ghoul for School series).

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