Friday, 23 April 2010

Carnegie & Greenaway Awards

Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell have been shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie and Greenaway medals respectively - for the same book! Neil wrote and Chris illustrated The Graveyard Book - a double nomination that hasn't happened since 1980 when Peter Dickinson and Michael Foreman were both nominated for City of gold (Peter Dickinson went on to win the Carnegie).

The Carnegie shortlist (for writing) also boast two previous winners, Philip Reeve and Terry Pratchett, and all eight titles feature survival in the face of challenging issues such as natural disaster, racism or terrorism - and not a vampire in sight.

The Greenaway shortlist (for illustration) features seven first timers, as well as Chris Riddell who has won twice before, and has a varied cast of dogs, cats, forest fauna, rabbits in top hats, graveyard ghosts, imaginary headgear, a bizarre crowning glory and a band of kids determined to get their own back on a horrible teacher.

Scottish Book Trust has recently toured with David Roberts and Chris Riddell and the links lead to video highlights of the tours (and they have many other useful videos too). Their audio page also features material on Chris Riddell and Neil Gaiman. For more recent stuff on Neil, see this trailer for Instructions, a new picture book, via CMIS Primary Focus, and follow his positive views on libraries (great guy!) via the Book Case blog and a podcast from Minnesota Public Radio

The Carnegie shortlist on Amazon:

The Greenaway shortlist on Amazon:

And of course we either have, or will have very soon, all these titles to borrow from the library. The winners will be announced on 24th June.


  1. Hello!

    I'm a 26 year old girl from Norway, who is currently doing my mastersdegree in publishing. I've decided to write about childrens literature, or to be accurate; children's book clubs. What I want to do is make a comparison between bookclubs for children in Norway and England. I've been informed that there is something called The Children's Bookclub in England, and I've been looking for it online for ages, but I can't find it. Because of this, I'm wondering if any of you know about such a club? In that case, can you please send me the link? That would be extremely helpful! The fact that I don't live in England makes it a bit harder to know what's on the market there. However, I'll be moving to London in July, so it should be easier from then on. However, I need to get started on my project as soon as possible, so I really hope you can help!

    - Marie.

  2. Marie - I wonder if you mean the Federation of Children's Book Groups? If so, you can find them at:
    I hope this helps.

  3. It wasn't quite what I was looking for, but thank you anyway!

  4. Sorry about that! I don't know what it can be, I'm sorry - the only other thing I can think of is:
    This and the other one are from our web links page in our children's literature section:
    Good luck with your research!

  5. Thank you! I have now sent out an email to everybody I think might be able to answer me. Hope it helps!

    Thank you for your help!

    - Marie.

  6. Hello, and once again thank you for your help!

    I've decided to write about literary awards in stead now. Then I'm wondering if you could please tell me the 5 most important literary awards in UK?
    That would be very helpfull!

    - Marie.

  7. Hello again Marie. I would say the two CILIP awards are important - the ones this post is about. They are chosen by librarians. Other major awards are the Guardian:
    The Redhouse Book Award is different in that it is chosen by children:
    Best wishes with your new topic! Anabel.

  8. Thank you so much!

    - Marie

  9. Hello again Annabelle!

    Thank you for outstanding help! However, I have one more question for you, and then I'm hopefully not going to bother you again.
    I have the impression that The Carnegie Medal is the highest award one can get for children's books in UK.The problem is that the norvegian award I had planned to compare it with, gives a lot of money to the winner. The Carnegie Medal doesn't do that, so I need to find a literary award that also gives the winner money, and which is also a highly regarded (preferably one of the absolute most prestigeous awards in the country)
    Do you know about such an award?

    Again, thank you so much!

    - Marie.

  10. Hello again!

    I just came to think about something else. Are most of the children's books awards for both children's and young people's books? Does the prizes normally include both children's and young people's books? Are there any awards that are just for children's books or just for young people's books?
    - Marie.

  11. Hello again!

    Sorry to bother you, I'll really try to let this be the last question I ask for a while.

    I tried to find out something about The British Book Awards, but I can't open the link to get there. Can you please tell me what you know about this award?
    I'm wondering about things like, who are the judges (in what profession and so on are they in?), is there a money prize? is the award prestigeous? and other things that might be good to know.
    I have to hand in a sketch of what I'm going to write about on Friday, so I desperately hope you can help! I'll really try not to ask you any more questions for a while!
    I'm extremely thankful for the help you have given me! It's been invaluable!

    - Marie.

  12. Hi Marie, I'll answer all 3 of your questions in this one comment. I think the Costa Award might satisfy your criteria - see this site about awards for justification of that view:
    It depends on the award criteria whether they are for children and / or young people - Carnegie specifies both, but Booktrust, for example, has separate awards (Early Years, Teenage). Check back to the sites I gave you earlier, or the general awards site above, for others.
    The British Book Awards site seems to have been hijacked. See wikipedia though:
    Once again, gald to have been of help and hope your dissertation proposal is accepted.

  13. Hello!

    Once again, thank you for your help. I've already sent The Guardian a question, but they haven't answered me yet, so I' m afraid I have to ask you again. So sorry about that. It'll hopefully all be done with least for a while. The thing is that I can't find much information about the Guardian award. I'd like to know what the prize is to win it. Can you help me with that as well?

    I'll try to not to ask any more questions now.

  14. Marie, I had a job finding anything! this year's award hasn't hapened yet, but here is the article about 2009 which states the prize was £1500:
    Hope that helps! Anabel.