Friday, 3 June 2011

Beat the bullies

The summer vacation is here, and with it a chance to update all our children's reading lists. The first one to get a major overhaul is Bullying - I've removed some older titles and added some new ones. The list falls into 3 parts, listed below with a taster of each.
  1. Fiction for younger readers, e.g. Rosen, Michael. (2009). I’m number one. Walker.
    There’s trouble in the toy box! Once their owner goes off to school, the other toys are bullied by the toy soldier – but eventually, they win him over with humour. 5+
  2. Fiction 8-12 years, e.g. Dahl, Michael. (2010). Eye of the monster. Raintree.
    Ren is tired of being bullied – but when his eyes turn golden and his skin turns scaly he thinks he can finally get revenge. What will he do when he sees what fear looks like? 9+
  3. Fiction for older readers: 12+, e.g. Packham, Simon. (2010). Comin 2 gt U. Piccadilly.
    Sam has been brutally murdered in an online game. What’s worse, it looks like his killers are out to get him in real life too. 12+
There are also hints on finding non-fiction and media material and some links to useful websites. This is just one of a range of booklists on our Children's Literature web pages - they can also be picked up in hard copy from the children's books display area upstairs in the Library.

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