Thursday, 7 July 2011

30 years of Shirley Hughes' Alfie

I've just discovered the 30th Anniversary site for Shirley Hughes' Alfie books. It's lovely - full of information about the books, messages and illustrations from Shirley, resources to download, such as colouring sheets, and a set of teaching notes. There's also a complete bibliography of Shirley's work. If you want to borrow any of her books, here's what we have in the Library.

Many years ago we had a children's books' event at Jordanhill at which Shirley Hughes was one of the speakers, so I've been lucky enough to meet her. I bought a signed copy of Alfie gets in first for a friend's wee girl and was mortified when I read it to her and she cried! She couldn't bear the thought of Alfie being on the wrong side of the front door from his Mum. This was most unexpected so I hope the children you read it to enjoy it more. (NB that little girl is now grown up and shows no sign of lasting damage so I've stopped feeling guilty.)

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