Thursday, 23 February 2012

Google ate my blog post!

I was very excited this year to get an advance press-release of the winners of the Scottish Children's Book Awards, with strict instructions to keep their names under wraps till 3pm on the 23rd. I prepared a lovely blog post in advance and, because I was in meetings all day yesterday, scheduled it to publish at exactly the right time, closely followed by a scheduled tweet. Imagine my horror when I came out of my meeting to find the tweet linked to the blog's previous entry and, even worse, when I tried to publish it manually, it went phut! and disappeared. Thanks, Google. The best thing now is to link you direct to Scottish Book Trust's news page about the awards and to assure you that all the books are in the Library for you to borrow. Here are the happy winners, Ross Mackenzie, Ross Collins and Nicola Morgan.

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