Saturday, 7 April 2012

New YA blog

I've added another YA blog to my "Favourite book blogs" tag (see the top of the column to your right). It's called UKYA, and it celebrates the work of UK authors of young adult fiction. Each entry has a brief review of a book and a link to the author's website. A really useful feature is that you can search the reviews by genre (e.g. humour or horror) or by country (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales). I clicked on Scotland, and was pleased that all the books which came up were already in stock here. There are also sections for books which have won prizes and forthcoming titles and, for overseas readers, a glossary of Britishisms! Some of these made me smile - I don't want to quote the more risque (!?) ones in a respectable university blog, but this one I can get away with:

Ant and Dec: smirking presenters of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The blog also has a clean, uncluttered template which makes it very easy to use. Recommended.

These are the featured Scottish titles. Borrow them from us!


  1. This is a really helpful resource. Thanks for setting this blog up.

  2. Thanks Rosalind, glad you find it useful.