Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Children's Books about Libraries

Libraries are very much in the news just now, particularly in England where there seem to be serious moves to cut them. If children are to grow up as enthusiastic readers they should be encourgaed to appreciate the worth of a good library. What better way to start than with picture books about libraries? We have some of the titles listed in the link here and its comments, plus others such as:

Maisy goes to the library
Lucy Cousins
London : Walker 2005

Carlo and the really nice librarian
Jessica Spanyol
London : Walker 2004

The ghost library
David Melling
London : Hodder Children's 2004

When the library lights go out
Megan McDonald & Katherine Tillotson
London : Simon & Schuster 2006

If you agree with my point about libraries and want to support them, you might be interested in a new website, Voices for the Library, which has been set up as a place for everyone who loves libraries to share their stories and experiences of the value of public libraries. Please take a look.


  1. As a child I loved going to the library. Recently there has been a proposal to close the main library in the centre of Leicester. I have yet to find anyone who thinks this is a good idea. If there were no libraries then our children would be very much the poorer for it. I just hope that the Authorities realise what potential damage they are doing before it's too late.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Definitely have a look at the campaign website I highlighted above, and another I should have mentioned is the Library Campaign.