Tuesday, 5 February 2013

National Libraries Day in Scotland

It's National Libraries Day on Saturday, and libraries up and down Scotland will be having special events. Here's something very easy you can do to celebrate the worth of your own library, especially if you use social media.

A group of librarians, including me, is hoping to create an online record of what goes on in Scotland’s libraries. What do you use your library for? What does your library mean to you? If you are on Twitter, tweet the answers to those questions from now until Saturday. All sorts of libraries count, e.g. public, school, academic or special. Use the hashtag #nldScot, as well as the official one #nld13, so that we can gather the tweets together into a document which we hope will be the start of a larger project celebrating Scottish libraries. Make sure you mention the word library or libraries and consider adding a picture to make your tweet even better – though if you include anyone else in it, you must have their permission. If you don’t want your photograph online, you could take a picture of your hand holding the books you have borrowed or a card saying what you did in the library, e.g. “I used the computers to search for information.” For ideas, see this project.

Not on Twitter? Maybe you have a blog or other online site you could post on? Leave a link on our blog, or this one, or if you don't have anywhere to post just leave a comment about your library and we will tweet it for you. Please help!

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