Monday, 11 February 2013

National Libraries Day in Scotland - the results!

Instead of having an event for National Libraries Day this year, GLTU (Glasgow Library Tweetups) decided to create a Twitter snapshot of Scottish libraries – what people use them for and why they value them. After much tweeting and retweeting, we got a great response. It’s obviously not comprehensive, but there’s a geographical spread from Orkney down to Dumfries and Galloway and representatives of public, academic, school and special libraries, so that’s pretty broad coverage. There are cute kids, a dog, a cat (cheated a bit on that one) and cake – what’s not to love? Head off to the Storify to see the full results – it’s too long to embed, but if you just have time to look at one part of it (it’s quite long), scroll down to Dundee Libraries and check what they did. It is truly awesome - here's a taster. And isn't this just what the day should be all about? Getting people to read.


  1. What an excellent idea. Making maximum use of technology is the only way for libraries to survive. We no longer rush along there to do our writing research but I do hate hearing about libraries closing down.

    1. Thanks Rosalind. Most writers, with the exception of one Mr T Deary, seem to appreciate the work libraries do in promoting reading and books.