Friday, 17 May 2013

We have lift off!

This lovely picture book by Sean Taylor and Hannah Shaw has lots of appealing factors for young readers - animals, a space rocket and a good dose of humour. In addition, there's a strong environmental message.

Farmer Tanner keeps his animals in cramped conditions and pollutes his farm with junk. At the same time, his own house gets bigger and bigger - and the animals get madder and madder! They decide to build an intergalactic rocket to escape to the clear, clean stars where there are no humans to mess things up. Unfortunately, none of the animals can quite get the hang of the test flight and then - horror of horrors - Farmer Tanner discovers the rocket! You can probably guess the twist that is coming next - suffice it to say, the farmer is never seen again and the book ends with a stern warning that "if you're one of the people who makes a mess of our planet - WATCH OUT! It could be your turn next!"

Thanks to the publishers, Frances Lincoln Children's Books,who supplied this book via a Youth Libraries Group draw. Neither required me to write a review. We have lift off will now find a happy home in my local library.

PS 22/5/13 - here's a fabulous review from of We have lift-off! from Playing by the Book, including follow-up activity ideas

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