Monday, 9 February 2015

National Libraries Day in Scotland

It was National Libraries Day on Saturday, with lots of activities going on for children and adults. Here are some examples.

I think Dundee Library looks like a great place to take kids. They have a squid!
And they were experimenting with Book Faces - this is a fabulous idea to try with the children in your school / library / home. My favourite:
Dunbar Library was having a great event with author Debi Gliori.
And Penicuik had Nick Sharratt.
Moray Library storytimes are popular.
Glasgow Libraries had a party with a clown at Langside to celebrate its 100th birthday.
Strathclyde showed off its Storysacks. Student teachers borrow these to take into the classroom.
It all looks great, doesn't it? But - despite the wonderful things going on in libraries, many of them are under threat. Here are some blog posts from children's authors and publishers reminding you why they are worth saving:

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure (by Dawn Finch) Happy National Libraries Day 2015!

Barrington Stoke National Libraries Day: Anthony McGowan and his teen narrator say it better than we ever could.

Jackie Morris Fighting talk.

Nicola Morgan Celebrating National Libraries Day.

And to take it back to a happy note before finishing, Playing by the book (Zoe Toft) describes a great book group she was running for children on Saturday, ACHUKAblog displays some lovely children's library cards designed by Jackie Morris and (not an NLD blog post but too good to miss) MinervaReads celebrates picture books on the theme of libraries.

Love libraries? Use 'em or lose 'em!

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  1. What a wonderful celebration! Now I want to see if middle grade titles have covers that lend themselves to "book face". So much amusement!