Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A book blog for kids: Lynne Rickards

Lynne Rickards' new blog differs from most of the others I've mentioned before in that it's aimed at children rather than at the adults who buy books for them. I think they would really enjoy it. Each post has a theme plus a photo or other illustration and (usually but not always) a forgiveable plug for one of Lynne's books. For example, today's post is about snails and relates back to Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet - but it also has some practical information about building a snail hotel. Not my cup of tea but it might well appeal to small children who are less easily revolted!

Lynne has also created book bags around some of her stories and we have them in the library in the storysack collection. The Pink Bag celebrates diversity with the story of Patrick, the pink penguin. As well as a copy of Pink! it includes, amongst other things, a Circle Time lesson guide, a pink toy, a quiz and a letter from Patrick. The Pets Bag is based on the aforementioned Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet and includes the book and a cuddly snail in its contents. Finally, the Green Bag explores good nutrition in an appealing way along with recipes and classroom activities. The book in this one is I do not eat the colour green. See Lynne's website for more details.

Storysacks have grown immensely in popularity since we started stocking them a few years ago. For our full range, see this list from SUPrimo.

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