Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dancing Sausages and other poetry ideas

April is National Poetry Month - it might be a USA event, but that doesn't mean there aren't loads of good ideas on their website for writng and promoting poetry.

Since 2003 NaPoWriMo has also been challenging people to write a poem a day - another great idea to use. Each day has a prompt: for example yesterday's was to write a nursery rhyme.

Another idea is "30 poets, 30 days" - here's a blog, GottaBook, as an example where the blogger is featuring a poem by a different poet everyday.

The Literacy Advisor (Bill Boyd) has blogged about a project to write a Global Poem for Change.

The Five Books site (every day an expert chooses 5 books on a specific subject) has been featuring poetry this week too - from a children's literature point of view, the most interesting was Roger McGough: The poet, broadcaster and "patron saint of poetry" says all children are poets and reveals why daydreaming is good for you. Here he chooses anthologies for all ages, which have "a fresh look and a fresh listen."

Don't forget about our own poetry page with booklists and links to other sites, and finally......

......the Sausage Whistler, a lovely animation of an Allan Ahlberg poem from Walker Books' Picture Book Picnic blog. Love those dancing sausages!

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