Thursday, 7 June 2012

Farewell Jordanhill Library

Jordanhill Library closed on Friday, 1st June 2012 and staff are currently packing up ready for the move to what will now be the University of Strathclyde's only campus. We had a lovely time on Friday with cake, including the one above, for all our visitors. I made a Storify of the day which you can read here. I'm also keeping a Pinterest board of the Library's last days which has more photographs from Friday and which I will keep adding to until the last book has gone.

Although this blog has been informed by my work with the children's collection at Jordanhill, it has never been an official university production. I am moving on from my job, but I hope to keep the blog going, assisted by my colleague Alison Forde who has taken over responsibilty for the children's collection. However, there aren't likely to be too many posts at the moment while we work on transferring the library.

I have loved working with the staff and students of Jordanhill. I've been so impressed by the quality of new teachers we are producing and wish them all well in the future. The education of Scotland's children is safe in your hands!


  1. Very sad, but perhaps this change will bring an exciting opportunity that you never expected. I certainly was unhappy about my last day of teaching Latin almost twenty years ago, but if I had kept teaching it, I would never have become a school librarian. I will think good thoughts for your opportunities.

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts. It will take us about 3 weeks to clear this place then I have plans after that, but the first one is a holiday!