Monday, 17 October 2011

Jacqueline Wilson Festival

There's a Jacqueline Wilson Festival tomorrow (Tuesday 18th) and Wednesday 19th October 2011. It’s taking place in Preston, Lancashire, organised by Askews & Holts Library Services and the University of Central Lancashire, and runs from 4pm to 6.30pm. However, you can attend online. Log in on the day, type your name into the ‘guest’ box and select ‘enter room’ to join in.

There's also a Jacqueline Wilson exhibition on at Seven Stories in Newcastle right now. If you can't make it down to Newcastle, you can see some information about it on the Seven Stories site and read a couple of first-hand accounts of the opening from Bookwitch and Lynne Rickards. There's also more on Achockablog and the BBC.

The usual plug for our own services - you can borrow all Jacqueline's books, and books about her, from us: full list here. They're a good read.

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