Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Reading with kids - the verdict

The supplements promised below by the Guardian and Observer have now been perused on your behalf. Although probably written more with parents in mind, there is still some good stuff in them for the classroom.

"Kindling a lifelong love of books" is the aim. Part 1 covers ages 0-7. None of it should be surprising to any self-respecting education student, but there are, amongst other things, useful book recommendations (most of which we have I'm pleased to say), an article by Julia Donaldson on how picture books can teach youngsters to understand themselves and a section on book games, including making your own wordsearches.

Part 2 covers children's books for 8+. The format is similar with brief book reviews (again, no surprises, I knew most of them) and articles - the most interesting consider books making the leap to films, apps, websites and electronic devices, all of which could play a role in encouraging reluctant readers.

In conclusion then, if you know a lot about children's books already you aren't going to learn much here, but if you want a good, basic introduction these supplements are worth a look. You can read the content online by following the link above, or if you prefer to look at the paper copies I have put them in our Cuttings File - ask at the Lending Services Desk for numbers 1227 for ages 0-7 and 1228 for 8+.

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